The research equipment at FIW München

Researching the laws of thermal and material transmission, and especially the scientific principles of heat and cold insulation led to the founding of the FIW München by manufacturers and processors of thermal and cold insulating materials in 1918.

The FIW München still focuses its research activities on the heat and cold insulation sector in addition to the adjacent scientific areas. The findings and results of officially-funded research endeavours are made public and publicised in specialist lectures.

Overview of services:

In accordance with the organisation’s statutes, our RESEARCH ACTIVITIES encompass the following areas of heat and cold protection:

  • determination of physical factors on thermal transmission in insulating materials and systems
  • measurement of moisture movements in insulating materials and systems
  • investigation of thermal, hygral and mechanical properties of insulating materials
  • investigation and optimisation of structures and insulation systems for buildings, industrial installations and technical building equipment
  • testing of insulating materials from the standpoint of practical utilisation and  durability
  • basic research for the development of test standards, material standards, guidelines and worksheets
  • development of measuring devices and testing equipment for new applications

The research work is partially financed by the ministries of both the federal government and the state of Bavaria and in particular with the association's own resources. The research projects are also supported by industry associations and consortia.