04   Interview: Dr. Marcel Huber, Bavarian State Minister for Environment and Health
03   FIW (Research Institute for Thermal Insulation) study: Insulation Measures on Operating Equipment
02   FIW internal: Change of general manager
01   Trade fair résumé: the FIW at the ISO in Cologne


The FIW at a glance

The FIW München is a modern research institute and a testing, monitoring and certification authority for insulating materials and structural elements.

Fields of action:

  • Insulating materials and structural elements for buildings
  • Technical insulation of industrial installations
  • Heat, cold and moisture protection
  • Development of criteria for sustainability in the construction sector


  • 75 employees
  • Europe-wide testing and certification
  • Founding year: 1918

Warning of falsified test report
No. F2-18-1702-01

The FIW Munich has been confronted with a faked test report with the number F2-18-1702-01 several times during the last months.
This report documents the determination of the thermal conductivity of a vacuum insulation panel (VIP) with a coating.
In the manipulated version, the VIP was deleted from the product description, giving the impression that the measured value of thermal conductivity refers to the thin, additionally applied coating. But this does not apply!

Despite repeated requests to the client of the test and the distributor of the coating to refrain from using the falsified report, we continue to receive inquiries. Since both companies are based in Italy, legal access is difficult. So please be aware that you might get a test report No. F2-18-1702-01 which is not correct.