Knowledge transfer

Knowledge transfer includes the implementation of seminars, drawing up of training material for training tradesmen, architects and engineers. Major components also include participation in national and international standards committees (DIN, CEN, ISO, ASTM and ASHRAE) in addition to the publication of research findings. The collective experience and project findings from research and development work carried out by the department and the whole institute are also comprehensibly processed and sold in brochures and information sheets.

FIW München's employees also input their knowledge into the expert committees at the German Institute for Construction (Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik - DIBt) in Berlin, into the specialised bodies within the industry and national and international standards committees.


The FIW München is currently participating in the following panels and committees

DIN MitgliedDIN NABau

  • NA 005-56 FBR “KOA 06 Energy savings and thermal insulation” (Deputy Convenor) (steering committee)
  • NA 005-56-10 AA “Insulation work on building equipment and industrial installations”
  • NA 005-56-20 GA Energetic assessment of buildings (incl. DIN V 18599).
  • NA 005-56-60 AA Thermal insulation materials (SpA for CEN/TC 88, ISO/TC 163 and ISO/TC 61) (Chairman)
  • NA 005-56-60, Ad hoc 04 EPS
  • NA 005-56-60 AA, Ad hoc 09 wood wool panels
  • NA 005-56-69 AA “Insulation materials for building equipment and industrial installations”
  • NA 005-56-90 HA Thermal insulation and energy saving in buildings (SpA to CEN/TC 89 and ISO/TC 163) (Convenor) (standard series DIN 4108, inter alia).
  • NA 005-56-91 AA Thermal transport (SpA to ISO/TC 163 SC 2 WG 9) (Convenor). DIN 4108-2, DIN 4108 Supplement 2, DIN specialist report “4108-8 Avoidance of mould in residential buildings”, inter alia).
  • NA 005-56-92 AA Performance indicators and required conditions for thermal transmission; rated values of thermal conductivity (DIN V 4108-4) and minimum requirements for thermal insulating materials (DIN 4108-10)
  • NA 005-56-93 AA Air sealing
  • NA 005-56-97 AA transparent structural elements (Sp CEN/TC 163/SC 1/WG 14)
  • NA 005-56-98 AA Thermal measurements
  • NA 005-56-99 AA Moisture (Sp CEN/TC 89/WG 10)
  • NA 005-02-07 AA Prefabricated accessories for roofing (Sp CEN/TC 128/SC 9)
  • NA 005-02-09 AA Waterproof sheeting (Sp CEN/TC 254)
  • NA 005-02-10 AA Roof sheeting and vapour barriers (Sp CEN/TC 254/SC 1)
  • NA 005-02-91 AA Flexible sheeting under roofing materials (Sp CEN/TC 254/WG 9) (Convenor)
  • NA 005-02-92 AA Rigid underlays (Sp CEN/TC 128/SC 9/WG 5) (Chairman)
  • NA 005-02 FBR Steering committee FB 02 – sealing, moisture protection
  • AA DIN 18530 Solid ceiling structures for roofs (suspended)
  • Ad hoc 16 conformity process




  • TC 88 Thermal Insulating Materials and Products (Convenor)
  • TC 88/WG 1 General test methods – ad hoc group ageing (rapid ageing method for XPS, PUR, PF)
  • TC 88/WG 4 Expanded Polystyrene Foam (EPS)
  • TC 88/WG 4 / Drafting Panel
  • TC 88/WG 4 / TG ETICS
  • TC 88/WG 4/TG Test Methods and Test Results
  • TC 88/WG 7 Phenolic Foam (phenolic resin foam)
  • TC 88/WG8 Cellular Glass (CG)
  • TC 88/WG 9 Woodwool (WW)
  • TC 88/WG 10 Building equipment and industrial installation (Convenor)
  • TC 88/WG 10 Building equipment and industrial installation – Task group Test methods TGTM (TG – Leader)
  • TC 88/WG 12 Expanded Perlite Boards
  • TC 88/WG 16 Evaluation of Conformity
  • TC 88/TG "Liaison to TC 350/351" (Convenor) Notified Bodies-CPD/SG 19 Thermal Insulation Products
  • TC 89 Thermal performance of buildings and building components.
  • TC 89/WG 03 “Calculation of thermal insulation of equipment in buildings”
  • TC 89/WG 11 Thermal performance of buildings and building equipment – Task group 1 Measurements of thermal conductivity at high and low temperatures prCEN/TS 15548-1:2007 Thermal insulation products for building equipment and industrial installations – Determination of thermal resistance by means of the guarded hot plate method – Part 1: Measurements at elevated temperatures from 100°C to 850°C
  • C 89/WG 12 Reflective Insulation Materials
  • CEN/TC 107/WG 10 “Flexible pipe systems for district heating”
  • TC 128 Roof covering products for discontinuous laying and products for wall cladding
  • TC 128/SC 09 Prefabricated accessories for roofing TC 128/SC 9/WG 05 Rigid underlays (Convenor)
  • TC 254 Flexible sheets for waterproofing
  • TC 254/WG 09 Underlays for discontinuous roof coverings
  • TC 371 Project Committee on Energy Performance of Buildings





  • SDG 5 Thermal Insulation Products TG – Expert Group (creation of a uniform thermal conductivity level for insulation materials in Europe)
  • SDG 5 – KEYMARK Thermal Insulation Products




  • ZA-UDB Certification committee for sarking membranes and underlay sheeting for roofing (Convenor)


QAC (Quality Assurance Committee)


  • CEN/VDI Keymark scheme for thermal insulation pro- ducts for building equipment and industrial installations, the voluntary product certification scheme




  • TC 163 Thermal performance and energy use in the built environment.
  • TC 163 WG 4 JWG 163/205 Energy Efficiency of Building using holistic approach
  • TC 163/SC 1/ WG 14 Hot-Box Test Method for windows and doors
  • TC 163/ WG 5 Vacuum-Isolation-Panels (VIP)
  • TC 163/SC 01/WG 07 Ageing of thermal insulation
  • TC 163 SC 2 WG 9 Calculation of heat transmission




  • TC 1.12 Moisture Management in Buildings
  • TC 4.4 Building Envelope Performance and Building Materials
  • SPC 62.2 Ventilation and Acceptable IAQ in Low- Rise Residential Buildings
  • SPC 160 Criteria for Moisture control Design Analysis




  • SVA-A Construction materials for heat and sound insulation
  • SVA-B1 Thermal conductivity
  • SVA-B3 external thermal insulation
ad-hoc committee: Load-bearing thermal insulation of high thickness under foundation slabs
  • ABM colloquium of fire protection laboratories
  • Exchange of experience in thermal insulation-related measurements (EWM)
  • Exchange of experience between testing, inspection and certification bodies, foam plastics and wood wool
  • Exchange of experience between testing, inspection and certification bodies, mineral wool




  • VDI AG “Quality Assurance” VDI 2055 (Chairman)
  • Guideline committee VDI 2055 (Convenor)
  • Guideline committee VDI 4610 (Convenor)
  • Guideline committee VDI 4662
  • Technical committee “Energy Application” steering board Energy Efficiency of Operating Equipment (Chairman)
  • VDI Gesellschaft Energie und Umwelt  (VDI Society Energy and Environment) (VDI-GEU) Technical division 3


AGI (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Industriebau, Industrial design study group)


  • AGI worksheets of series Q


Central Association of the German Construction Industry (HDB)


  • National technical department for heat, cold and sound insulation and fire protection: Technical committee (TA)




  • The GSH working committee for in-situ PUR foam (cast foam) is revising the quality and testing provisions for water/CO2-driven polyurethane in-situ foam produced at the construction site for heat and cold insulation on operating equipment and plants (RAL-RG 710/7)
  • GFA-PUR – Joint technical committee polyurethane roofing injection foam and polyurethane injection foam
  • Working committee for polystyrene (AAPS)


German Construction Federation (ZDB)

  • Society for the Promotion of Insulation Technology: Consultancy and Internet circle



  • Technical committee of the polyurethane rigid foam industrial association




  • Technical committee (evaluation of the third-party monitoring results of ÜGPU)




  • Technical committee (definition of the monitoring process, advising on results and the certification body)
  • TAA (technical working committee)